Dr. Dayna L. D’Acierno at Kane Family Chiropractic, we do things a little differently. All chiropractors address issues in the body’s neuromusculoskeletal system, but most end up focusing only on the bones of the spine. Dr. D’Acierno knows that these systems (nerves, muscles, bones) are interconnected and if they are not all effectively addressed, healing will be incomplete.

In addition, she has found that the sequencing of how these systems are addressed can make a tremendous difference in outcomes. For example, if a muscle is spasming, she may need to address an irritated nerve before realigning a bone to get to the heart of the problem. And all of these services can be completed under the same roof by the same doctor!

Patients often marvel that Dr. D’Acierno finds and fixes things they were not even aware were a problem! This happens because of her thorough, multi-faceted approach. She takes the time necessary to really get to know her patients, to address each of the body’s interconnected systems, and to delve down to the root of a problem to solve it.

Genuinely Passionate

Dr. D’Acierno is famously honest. She does not purport to have a magic wand to solve all her patients’ problems. Rather, she is forthcoming about realistic expectations and what she can (and cannot) assist patients with. This sets the stage for trust and respect in a working relationship.

She is also very passionate about educating her patients. Not only does she love to talk about how chiropractic care can enhance lives, but will readily suggest other simple strategies to move patients closer to their wellness goals. She does not “fix” people. She empowers them to make the best decisions for their bodies and lives.

Meet Dr. Dayna D’Acierno

Who Can Benefit?

In short, EVERYONE! Chiropractic care truly benefits all bodies, regardless of age or stage. She has seen excellent results addressing a host of issues, but especially:

  • Headaches
  • Upper and Lower Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Decreased Range of Motion and/or Stiffness