Meet Dr. Dayna D’Acierno (“Dr. D”)

A Lifetime Dedicated to Health

Dr. D’Acierno found her way to chiropractic at an early age. She went from receiving maintenance treatments as a teen to working as an assistant in her aunt and uncle’s chiropractic practice in her early 20’s. There, she saw the amazing things chiropractic care could do for a body and went on to attend Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC, graduating in 1988.

Since 1989, Dr. D and her husband (also a chiropractor) worked together at the practice they founded in Pittsburgh, near their “big Italian family.” They have two grown children that they are devoted to. After resettling in Fort Mill, she knew she was not ready to hang up her hat – she loves helping people too much! Her already successful career in chiropractic proves that she is very good at it!

Over the years, her experiences have honed the way she practices today. Dr. D’Acierno’s unique method of utilizing high-tech scientific instruments in combination with advanced muscle therapy, massage and stretching produce the long-lasting optimal results that patients long for. She is so excited to bring her skills to the Fort Mill, Tega Cay and surrounding communities.

Practicing What She Preaches

Dr. D’Acierno is very committed to a healthy lifestyle. She maintains a healthy, organic-based diet and exercises every day. When not at the office, you may usually find her outside. She enjoys hiking, biking, going to the beach, and spending time with her family and friends.

Dr. D’Acierno insists that she is an “open book” and prides herself both on her listening skills and the advice she gives. After decades dedicated to holistic health choices, she truly “walks the walk” and is able to inspire others to make positive choices to improve their own lives.

Find out what she can do for you and your family today–contact us to book a visit!